Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my fresh flowers?

Change water frequently (daily if possible, 2-3 days max) to keep mold from growing on the stems. Keep your water level high, and give the stems a fresh cut every few days, about half an inch from the bottom. Sit them in good sunlight and try to avoid direct heat or a/c. When flowers begin to wilt or die, remove them from the vase, this will help the rest of the flowers live longer.

Where are you located?

We are physically located in a home based studio outside of Lindale, TX. We service most locations and venues in the greater East Texas area, and are also able to travel for special events outside of that, with travel costs.

Is there a delivery or setup cost?

Depending on your location and the venue requirements, there may be an additional delivery and setup cost. This is based on our location in the 75771 ZIP, and the cost will be calculated based on your venue location. Setup cost for each specific item is usually already included in any arch/ceremony/large installations. For questions on freelance rates, or anything else, send us an email!

What is the average price of wedding flowers?

There is a by the books answer and a more personal based answer. By the books, the average wedding in America costs around $30,000 with all expenses included. Most budget breakdowns would allot 10-15% of total budget for flowers, which would be $3000-$4500 of that $30,000 wedding. I think that the answer is more personal than that though, and changes so drastically for each wedding. If flowers aren’t important to you, and you just want the bare minimum, then structuring what you’re looking for based on that 10% idea may be a great idea! Leave the design and flower selection to your chosen florist, and aim for decor in other ways that you love and enjoy. If flowers are a major part of how you envision your big day, then I would suggest you shop by florist and vision over budget. We encourage our flower loving couples to aim for 20-30% of overall budget for flowers, allowing them to have the great installations, premium flowers and design elements that will bring their vision to life. For them, this is an investment into the photos, memories and overall feel that they want their great day to encompass. Whether your flower budget is $1000 or $7000, in all cases and in my experience it is easiest on you to go into floral consultations with a price range in mind, being open to hearing what your florist suggests on how to best apply your budget! Check out our Budget Planner tool (in the options at the bottom of the page) for a breakdown of what typically fits into each budget range.

How far in advance should I book?

We suggest 6-12 months in advance, but can work within shorter timelines. As a company we only accept one wedding per date, and limited bookings per week/month to allow for the best possible service for our clients, once that date is booked it is no longer available. For this reason it is always better to book early, and our 25% retainer is the only payment required until 60 days prior to the event.

How do consultations work, and what if I'm not local?

Everything starts with an online Inquiry form. Once we receive that, and can confirm the date availability, we will send you a design questionaire and setup the first consultation. If you're not available to meet locally (at a cute coffee shop or other public venue) we are happy to schedule a phone call for the consultation. *Also with current Covid Restrictions, we have moved the default to phone call, but can still meet at an airy outdoor location if you prefer!

Do I need to know what I want before Inquiring?

Not at all! Often clients feel that they need to learn all they can about floral design and have everything planned before reaching out to us, and that usually makes it harder in the long run. Being open, and even having very little idea of what you like works for us. We can give great direction, suggestions and guidance to what is seasonal, and best uses your budget.

What is a 'styled shoot'?

You may see the term'shoot' listed especially on our portfolio, to distinguish the real client events and the styled shoots. A styled shoot is a small event put together by several vendors to achieve a certain look. We LOVE participating in styled shoots, getting to run with a theme or palette and experiment with the florals. This is often where the Pinterest-wedding photos come from, a theme or idea excecuted by a group of professionals. Don't feel intimidated by this! These are a great jumping point, if you love the look of a shoot we can work that into your overall vision.

"This husband and wife duo is awesome! My flowers were gorgeous and better than I could have hoped for. Leading up to the day they were personable and accommodating. The day of, the set up was a breeze and those that had an opportunity to watch them work were thoroughly impressed. I couldn't have ask for better florals or florists to make my wedding that much more perfect!" -Ali