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Budget Guide

There is so much flexibility and range when it comes to sorting through a budget for your wedding flowers. It is important to evaluate, as a couple, how important fresh flowers are for your wedding day. Give consideration to your venue; does it need the additional look and color that flowers bring, or is it a beautiful location on its own, not needing anything over the top? 


You might feel that flowers aren't a central focus for your big day, or, you may feel that your flowers are the focal point that will bring your whole unique design and vision together.

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest your regular floral budget account for 10-15% of your overall wedding budget. If, on the other hand, you are looking for that Pinterest-worthy, abundant design, we would suggest allocating 20-25% of your total wedding budget. Some budget less or spend more based on decor preferences. Remember, IT'S YOUR DAY and should reflect both of your tastes and styles.

Below is by no means a complete list, but is a great starting point. Like everything else wedding-related there are so many ‘what ifs’ and ‘except this’ scenarios. The following is meant to be a general guide to help you plan which items could be covered within your price range.

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UNDER $3000

For us, anything under $3000 is considered a mini-wedding or elopement package. 

Bouquets, boutonnieres, and vase arrangements/centerpieces are available "a-la-carte" and typically for pickup or without full set-up options. 



Standard Weddings Start Here

Depending on the size of the bridal party, this will cover all of the personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns) as well as family personal pieces. This would also cover several table centerpieces for the reception, we would suggest smaller arrangements on each table or a collection of bud vases and foliage to fit the number of tables.

Instead of centerpieces, this could allow for a large feature installation at the ceremony (perhaps a full archway with florals) or the reception (cascading foliage installation with pops of flowers throughout). Depending on the size and number of arrangements needed, this could also cover the aisle markers, or decorative statement pieces at the reception.


Floral Heavy or Larger Weddings Start Here 

As well as everything listed above, this price range opens up the options for either a larger wedding or larger and more intricate installations. For those who want the floral decor to be the main decorative statement, this is a good budget range. 

Possibilities vary, but at this price, you could have a variety of tall and short centerpieces, entryway arrangements/urns, and extra floral decor around the reception space. This would also allow for a grand and well-covered Ceremony space, with full arch, aisle markers, etc. 



Very Large (300+ Guests) Weddings Start Here

Increased Guest tables, aisle markers, and size/scope of florals needed.

All areas of the wedding will have floral touches, staircases, entryway, welcome signs, the list could be endless, allowing for ultimate creativity and premium floral embellishments. 


Custom & Elaborate Inquiries

Ready to start planning?


It's almost impossible to provide all of the details on each and every budget because every wedding's needs are unique. You'll note that we haven't mentioned a lot of smaller pieces (crowns, cake flowers, rose petals, posies, gift table/welcome sign arrangements)- there are hundreds of combinations and options that we've left out to simplify. Your personal proposal will take into account your specific needs, flower preferences, and seasonal availability. 

It is also important to be aware that labor and delivery charges can vary dramatically as well- each venue has it's own rules on when we can set up, and when we need to clean up. All of this has an impact on the "day of" costs. 

Lastly, please remember that all florists price differently. In your area it may be that florists charge more for some items than we do. We're simply looking to provide this as a guide to help manage and set expectations, rather than a 'set in stone' quote for all events.